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Butterfly Damper

Butterfly Dampers are considered ideal for a wide range of applications that demands low-leakage isolation or flow control operations.

  • Simple & Cost effective method
  • High temperature applications are available
  • Sealing efficiency can be increased to 100%
  • Method of Control & Isolation
  • Guillotine Damper

    Mechtrio Guillotine dampers can be used in any application where a positive location is required for routine maintenance.

  • Short face-to-face length
  • Low Pressure drop
  • Low seal air requirement
  • Closed bonnet design avoids condensation
  • Diverter Gate

    Diverter gate are used to change the direction of flow of bulk materials as they are discharged from equipment above.

  • Reliable Operation
  • Rugged design
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Slide Gate

    A slide gate has a flat closure element that slides into the flow stream to stop the materials and high pressure.

  • Power Plants
  • Water Treatment
  • Mining
  • Offshore Application
  • Multi Louver Damper

    The louver type of damper consists of several blades mounted parallel across duct, with centrally pivoted shafts.

  • Reduced Weight
  • Low pressure drop
  • Reduced flange to flange size
  • Suitable for cladding with alloy
  • Double Flap Valve

    Its allows flow of dust and maintain airlock across the valve.Available in several designs and technical specifications.

  • Available at low economical prices
  • Ideal for use abrasive materials
  • Preserve the pressure differential below the valve
  • Goggle Valve

    Goggle valves are used to positively isolate downstream media flow.They are typically used in 20 inch to 100 inch diameter lines.

  • Assure safety of personnel working
  • Frequently found in the petrochemical & refinery industries
  • Render an absolute tight shut-off in blast furnace
  • Inlet Guide vane Damper

    It is predominantly used on fan inlet applications,offering an enhanced level of flow and pressure control.

  • Enhance the performance of the fan
  • Provides an efficient method of control
  • It has multiple blades arranged around a central hub
  • Emergency Shut-off & open

    An emergency shut off damper is an actuated valve designed to stop the flow of a hazardous fluid upon the detection of a dangerous event.

  • Coal mill Bagfilter
  • Provides an automated safety protection
  • Provides protection against possible harm to people